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Gift Ideas with Condition Oils!

Are you thinking of gifting someone a spiritual oil, but need some suggestions? Take a look at these!

POSITIVE VIBES: Positive Vibes brings the energy of joy and happiness into a room and uplifts the vibration of every individual present. Burn with candle colors yellow (joy), orange (extroversion, friendship), blue (family, peace), pink (kinship), white (innocence and purity)

CRUCIBLE OF COURAGE: Crucible of Courage lends bravery during difficult times and enlists Heavenly help. It's excellent for work regarding the heart and sacral chakras. Brings internal power to surface. Anoint the throat for public speaking and giving presentations. Blue is the color for tranquility and red for power and courage.

MONEY: Money oil gives financial luck in all areas of life, spotlights discounts and savings, and improves your financial health. It is lucky for getting approved for loans related to stabilizing an aspect of your life. It makes you feel fun and carefree. Excellent with green candles but will function on miraculous ways with all other colors as well. Anoint cash and financial objects daily to weekly. Anoint yourself after a bath, starting behind the earlobes and down to your feet.

RED HOT ROAD OPENER: Red Hot Road Opener brings miraculous change when you're feeling malignantly blocked in all aspects of life. It's Fiery nature clears spiritual debris from your energy field and incinerates the energy behind dark spells and hexes. Red is the candle color for fast luck with this oil. Anoint your resume with this oil when seeking a new job. Anoint yourself in an X manner on your chest following a cleansing bath to excel in all directions. Visualize the fiery energy of commanding swirling into the center of your chest. Take with you on long trips. Place in glove compartment.

FOLLOW ME BAE: Follow Me Bae draws the attention of (male) suitors/lovers, especislly men who are looking to spend money for your services. It's power makes men gentle and alerts violent behavior overall. Follow Me Bae transfer full situational power to the wearer. Anoint your lover's shoes and socks to keep them faithful. Anoint your money with Follow Me Bae to create an endless trail of prosperity. Follow Me Bae dominates over all other competition and makes the angriest person turn down several notches. Posture is important with this oil..look commanding. Be alluring.

RED RIVER VAN VAN: Red River Van Van is multi-purpose! It's 5 magical functions are: financial luck, cleansing of accumulated negativity, protection against witchcraft, igniting passion, and expanding possibilities. The River's asé makes it a potent formula for changing your fortune when the deck is stacked against you. Red, blue, and brown candles are most resonant with this oil. You can purify objects that are "tainted" with bad vibes to reset. Take with you when traveling on rivers and smaller bodies of water, or when interacting along shorelines. Red River Van Van exudes luck and personality. It makes you feel confident in your capacity to reach your goals and pursue your objectives. It watches your back against evildoers and keeps your aura cleared from Evil Eye.

QUEEN OF VICTORY: Queen of Victory is a powerful oil of reversal and miraculous transformation, containing the asé of the Red River. It specializes in reversing 9 specific conditions from negatively affecting you. It symbolizes ultimate power over those who hold you back.

These 9 Grand Reversals are:

-neutralizing and protection from malevolent magic

-breaking and reversing evil eyes and hateful glares

-dissolving hexes and disrupting persistent jinxes; returning them to casters

-ending relentless streaks of bad luck

-exposing slanderers and gossipers and their lies

-clearing away old, stagnant conditions and astral residue anchored to you

-getting rid of unwanted people and evil spirits; easing emotional pain

-protecting your home and valuables from robbery and thieves

-stopping nightmares and psychic attacks

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