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When Should You Get a Condition Lamp Service?

Condition lamps are an excellent traditional alternative to candle work. There is little difference between the two, as they both require me to use herbs, oils, and designated prayers (and times). Its a matter of your own personal preference. A small lamp generally burns for about 4 hours and a large lamp burns for 12-24 hours at a time. Often, I extend the longevity of these burns by cutting the twine twice as long and refilling the lamps every few hours to expedite your blessings.

I LOVE to use Crown oil as a base oil for many lamps that I pour for my clients. I also switch it for a love formula sometimes depending on who comes by, so get into a routine of requesting them occasionally. And every lamp this year has had gold in it! Condition lamps have a heavy focus on the miraculous.

Below are some reasons to get a condition lamp:

●1-day lamps are good for emergency issues, like protection, safety while traveling, sex, passionate encounters, positive impressions, fast money/cash, being happy

●3-day lamps are good for issues related to stagnancy or progression. You get these when you're wanting to make significant impacts in your life/work. I highly recommend these for ongoing overall protection, returning hexes or evil eye, drawing lover(s), blessing a union, establishing peace and tranquility, improving financial health, increasing luck, miraculous outcomes, revealing secrets

●9-day lamps are excellent for dealing with aggressive spiritual attacks, for prosperity, growing wealth, breaking habits and addictions, open roads, career changes, marriage, joy, expansion, breakthrough, love-drawing, protecting children (from abusers), emergency, cleansing, and for any heavy matters of the mind and heart.

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