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When Do You Need the Ring Of Fire Service?

Ring of Fire holy ritual
Ring of Fire holy ritual

The Ring of Fire Ritual service builds a protective wall around you or your space to block negative outside influences, people, egregores, demons and unfriendly spirits. It's also great for any situation where you feel intimidated or fearful. Your personal energy becomes protected against disruption and intrusion.

The Ring of Fire will shield against toxic work environments, unstable people, and living situations that are emotionally draining. It is even known to uncross malevolent spells, curses, or hexes or evil eye.

From experience and expert use of condition oils, I have learned the Ring of Fire is a great weapon for waging war on undesirable adverse energies with excellent prevention properties for turning away malicious tricks targeting your Soul's health or your good fortune.

Once the Ring of Fire is set around you, it also puts a powerful ward against gossiping co-workers or and counters schemes hatched by jealous rivals. The Ring of Fire is not intended to create harm, only to give protection, so its is safe to be used by persons who want to keep their karma pure.

What does the Ring of Fire do:

-Calls down Divine Holy Fire around the client for spiritual purging of parasites and energy vampires

-Restores vitality and power into your damaged aura

-Dispel malevolent energies, crosses, or hexes

-Provides a celestial, impenetrable shield of protection.

-Prevent negative or unwanted energy or spirits from invading.

-Protect against bad energy while traveling, at home, work, or within relationships.


-Get the Ring of Fire service every 3-6 months for optimal spiritual health.

-You can purchase this service for others (kids, spouses, parents) as needed. Everyone needs protection!

-Best times for this service: life/death emergencies, abrupt life changes, sudden sickness/illness, prolonged misfortune or depressive states, birthdays, graduations, milestones celebrations.


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