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Types of Spiritual Blockages

This list of spiritual blockages are composed from my personal observations, experiences, rituals, and education from over the years from assisting clients. Every problem can be resolved into a blessing. May this list be invaluable to you.


-lack of focus, inability to see the truth

-sleep problems

-difficulty conveying your emotions/information accurately to others

-being or becoming closed-off to others

-antsy, inability to sit still

-goal-hopping without fully accomplishing

-guilt and repressed emotions

-struggles with creativity, being free or happy

-propensity towards toxic or dysfunctional relationships

-lots of emotional labor without reciprocity

-continually revisiting the sane negative or unpleasant situations/relationships

-unfulfilling, painful or dull intercourse

-unhealthy isolation

-unhealthy overindulgence of pleasure

-emotional stubbornness

-feeling that you are not good enough, capable or worthy of having all that you wish to have in life

-purposely under-accentuate your physical appearance, beauty, skills, or traits

-uncomfortable practicing self-love and self-care

-distrustful of everyone around you and have a hard time achieving closeness

-constantly nagging, nitpicking, or projecting your own fears

-inability to articulate yourself, speak up for yourself, or express your truth

-disengaged with the world around you

-feeling like your inner child or imagination has disappeared

-scattered feelings, mixed emotions, lack of clarity

-skewed sense of self and others

-getting lost in your own fantasies and visions as escapism

-unable to see the bigger picture or transcend your own restrictions

-feeling disconnected from something larger/higher than yourself

-mixed emotions around your purpose as a soil

-consistently in a mental and spiritual state of flux

-always looking for reasons to disprove something or someone

-have a hard time going with the flow

-dwelling on a past relationship

-holding on to pains that keep you from experiencing joy

-keeping all your emotions bottled up

-struggle with commitment issues or attracting such partners

-localized areas of slow or stuck energies

-imprints, attachments, implants and etheric cords

-stress about money and financial security

-inability to express emotion or desire

-constant fear of betrayal

-unrelenting inner critic

-constant fear of rejection

-over-loving to the point of suffocation, jealousy, or bitterness

-constant fear of being alone/alienation

-constant fear of being out of control

-rigid thoughts or analysis paralysis

NOTE: Consider receiving a candle service or a condition lamp for any of the above issues.

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1 Comment

May 26, 2023

Wow. I definitely need a lamp for this!

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