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Simple Money Rituals for Wealth, Prosperity, and Financial Stability

There is a plethora of spiritual techniques for drawing money, catering to every suitable situation and financial need. When doing money work, please consider some of the guidance below. You may find some of these techniques will be helpful in empowering your financial goals into existence. May it serve you well.


-Colors: Gold and green for money, lump sums of cash, wealth, financial increase. Orange for business success. Purple for wealth and influence.

-Numbers: 2(doubling); 4 (stability); 8(infinity, material wealth)

-Planetary influence: Waxing and Full Moon; Jupiter (expansion and good fortune); Mercury (commerce, finance)

💵Simple Money Rituals To Manifest Financial Goals💵

•Burn crushed allspice to attract money and luck, especially favorable business opportunities.

•Whisper your financial goals over alfalfa then burn it. Scatter the ashes around your property.

•Sprinkle an infusion of basil outside the building where you desire employment (don't be seen!). Sprinkle within your business to draw financial success.

•Sprinkle powdered bayberry bark on a white candle to draw money and good fortune.

•Create an incense of benzoin, cinnamon and basil to attract generous customers.

•Carry bistort within a yellow flannel bag to draw wealth and good fortune to you

•Rub two drops of bergamot between your palms to attract money. You may anoint other objects like cash, too.

•Burn garlic skins in the kitchen to keep money in the house.

•Carry a cat's eye gemstone for financial inspiration and reclaim prior wealth lost before you acquired the crystal.

•Place a buckeye nut, hickory nut and a horse chestnut together in a green mojo. Feed with money powder weekly for enhanced prosperity.

•Carry devil's shoestring in your pocket when job hunting, asking for a raise, or having trouble at work.

•Anoint a buckeye nut with Money oil; wrap it in a (new) dollar bill and roll it toward you to constantly increase your cash flow.

•Place a calamus root in all four corners of your kitchen to prevent hunger and poverty, and draw luck to the household.

•Keep a small piece of cedar in your wallet or near money to attract wealth.

•Before gambling or playing cards, rinse your hands in a chamomile infusion to invite a prosperous touch. Keep the herb packet with lotto tickets for extra luck.

•Pour an infusion of chicory or chicory juice over yourself to obtain favors from others.

•Place a few fenugreek seeds in a jar with some coins. Every day, add a few more to increase money flow to the household. When it is full, bury the jar in the the Earth and begin again. Alternatively, you can scatter the seeds around the house and property. You may use this method with flaxseed, too.

•Sprinkle powdered ginger in your wallet, pocket or purse to stimulate your finances. Alternatively, bury whole ginger roots in the earth.

•Gold itself is a wealth magnet for increased riches. Keep a tiny bit of gold, like a gold coin, in a red charm bag with mint leaves, a pinch of coriander, and a pinch of dill.

•Wearing green tourmaline will attract cash.

•Wrap money around Galangal root to triple it. Keep this charm somewhere discreet.

•Grow hollyhocks close to the house to aid the family in flourishing. This increases success in the material world.

•Put honeysuckle on green candles and burn to attract quick abundance and generosity from others.

•Blend benzoin and cinnamon and waft the fragrance through the house, paying attention to corners that feel stuck or uncomfortable.

•Carry a Jezebel root to attract men with money or to invite others to be generous to you. Anoint it with a commanding oil.

•Place Irish moss under a rug to increase luck and the steady flow of money. Sprinkle an infusion of it around your business to bring steady customers.

•To find a good job and retain it, carry 3 Jobs tears with you during your employment search.

•Stuff mint in your purse or wallet or rub on money to bring wealth and prosperity.

•Carve and dress green candles. Sprinkle powdered nutmeg and burn to attract prosperity.

•Rub fresh bergamot leaves on money prior to spending it to ensure that it returns.

•Burn patchouli leaves for business growth and to draw loyal, long term customers who love your business. Place in your wallet or purse to draw money.

•Place Solomon seal root on your altar to ensure you have success in all your rituals, free of demonic influence.

•Bathe in a regular infusion of thyme to ensure a constant flow of money. Place in a jar at home or work for good luck.

•Carry Tonka beans in a red flannel bag for good fortune and success, especially during business meetings, negotiations and job interviews.

•Keep a bay leaf in your wallet to prevent poverty. Wishes can be written on the leaves and burned. A sprog of vervain will keep money in your purse, too.

•If building a home, bury some gold coins into the foundation.

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