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How to Remove the Evil Eye

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The Evil Eye is one of the more undesired spiritual afflictions, since its powers can be seemingly nebulous and highly annoying. It is often perceived as a kind of consistent, destructive force that infects one's existence like a cloud. Others think it is a force borne of jealousy, envy or resentment that sees all your good fortune and spoils it.

Whatever the case may be, there are a few methods to remove the ailment. Please consider some of these actions in your future works.

🧿Method: Wear the blue-eyed beads. The beads should be cleansed and charged with your power before use. You can wear a single bead around your neck or multiple beads all over, pinned or sewn to your clothing. You can also hang them in the rear view of your car or by your front door. If a bead cracks, this signifies it has worked and taken a direct hit from the Evil Eye. Bury it with respect.

🧿Method: String cowrie shells on red cord, praying and charging each shell as you tie your desires into it. Wear this necklace around your neck to repel the Evil Eye. If pregnant, make the cord long enough to fit around the belly and wear outside your clothes.

🧿Method: Create a mojo hand with a red bag and fill it with an odd number of the following: sacred texts, protective verses, alligator or shark teeth, pottery shards, and peppers, lemons/limes (replace weekly as needed). Carry this with you to break Evil Eye that has consistently lingered.

🧿Method: Unroll a good quality cigar. One freshly-lot charcoal disc, sprinkle tobacco on the coal and stand over it. Waft this incense towards you with your hands and after you have thoroughly funigated yourself, waft it through the house as needed to remove Evil Eye.

🧿Method: Pass alum over the head of the afflicted person and throw it into a living fire to destroy the effects of Evil Ehe.

🧿Method: Using an egg, roll it from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and out through your extremities. Do this slow and methodically, concentrating on clearing your aura amd returning the Evil Eye. Some people chant Psalm 91 while doing this. Break the egg into a glass of water and flush it down the toilet.

🧿Method: Make or prepare a dire. Pass a handful of sea salt around the head of the afflicted person 3 times, praying as you do so. Toss the salt into the fire to remove Evil Eye.

🧿Method: Burn benzoin resin or powder, which is known for destroying the Evil Eye and driving off demonic forces. Sprinkle this onto lit charcoal and funigate the afflicted person or space/objects. Blend lighter and darker pieces of benzoin to maximize power of this ritual.

🧿Method: Take a lemon and pierce it with 9 nails, while visualizing yourself piercing the Evil Eye.

🧿Method: Grind and powder rue and sprinkle it onto the lit charcoal to cleanse an area of the influence of Evil Eye. Hide spires of rue in your clothing to thwart Evil Eye.

🧿Method: (if your kid has been targeted, this will remove the Eye and halt further attacks). Cut off a small piece of clothing the child was wearing during the time of the Evil Eye was cast, and burn this piece with sea salt (and with any other botnicals used for repelling the Evil Eye). Fumigate the child with the smoke or sprinkle them with the cooled ash.

🧿Method: (another for kids) Pass a handful of sea salt around their head and body. After, throw a bit of salt in each corner of the house and throw the remainder out of the threshold of the front door.

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