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How To Use Commanding Oils for Power and Influence

Commanding oils: Bend Over, Bewitchment, Do As I Say, Follow Me Bae

If you are using any of my commanding oils (Follow Me Bae, Do As I Say [DAIS], Bend Over, Bewitchment, Scorpio), these are some notes and techniques to provide insight into their power. Commanding oils are utilized to bring people to heel in any situation where there's likely trouble or personality conflicts.

Purple is the color of power and dominance. Incorporate it heavily into your works, either in clothing or candles, to give yourself greater influence when putting commanding oils to work.

Commanding oils have inherent protective powers. They shield against hexes, enchantment, bad intentions, or others attempt to dominate or control you.

If you're dealing with an incorrigible person and want to shoe them, anoint the name-paper with a commanding oil first.

To maintain a dominant presence in a social situation, anoint a piece of ginger root with a commanding oil, place it in a conjure bag and carry it on you when needed.

When someone is resisting you: Write their name on brown paper and anoint it with Do As I Say. Carve a purple candle designated for your target and anoint that, too, with DAIS oil and burn. You will notice a shift in their personality typically within 72 hours.

To radiate influence and power: after a shower or bath, rub a commanding upwards on your body (feet to head). See your aura glowing vibrantly and intact. Optional: recite Psalms 12, 14, or 32 as you do so.

Compelling Curse Breaker: Massage Bend Over oil into your skin, then soak into a bath of sea salt, lemon verbena and frankincense. This will. clear out all dark magic against you, revole any evil spirits, and strengthen your spiritual protection.

To attract men with money: Anoint a Jezebel root with Follow Me Bae oil (draws men and protects from the law and violence) and carry with you when going out.

If collecting a debt from someone: place their targets photo on a plate and anoint with Do As I Say oil: Sprinkle with calamus, licorice, and bayberry over it. Dress a green candle with Bend Over oil, place intona candle holder, and light it over the photo.

To promote fidelity in a relationship: obtain a little of your lover's hair and wrap it in a small square of white linen anointed with Bewitchment oil, and secure it with gold, red or blue thread (silk is best). Place it in your pocket or a charm bag.

A second fidelity spell: Take an unwashed sock of your lover and tie into a knot. Anoint the knot with Bewitchment oil. Hide it under the mattress on your side, or under the carpet.

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