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How To Use Condition Oils


I wrote a generic "list" of applications for my condition oils. This is good to keep around if you're feeling restless. Finding activities for condition oils has always been its own meditation and anxiety-relief for me and helps me learn to clear my mind and focus, no matter how I'm feeling. May they help you find a path to peace and protection🥰

Condition Oil Application Ideas:

•anointing your body, hands, feet, 3rd eye

•furniture polish

•in/on candles (a lil will do)

•lights for ancestors

•condition lamps

•in a floorwash

•amulets/talismans/gris gris

•in bathwater and soaps

•for moisturizing after a bath

•on purse or wallet (for money)

•in your shoes

•anoint the back of your phone, laptop, etc

•on doors, windowsills, cars, knobs, desks

•to empower a specific object

•on weapons or instruments (as relevant)

•in tools and utensils (as relevant)

•on documents, cards bills, notices, certificates, diplomas

•on bells, chimes, whistles

•in room handmade room sprays/mists

•on office items (pens, keys stapler, pads)

•anointing photos/images of your desires

•in your laundry (a few drops)

•on your headboard/bedposts

•on canes, staves, crystals, wands

•for visualizations, meditations or while praying

•on cottonballs

•rubbed into leather 😍

•on cash, checkbooks, registers, bank statements, vouchers

•mixed into massage oil (few drops)

•on envelopes and shipping products

•on your petition papers

•in your house paint (few drops per gallon)

•anointing your kids, family, books, baes, and side pieces

•on key rings, driver's license/ID, timecard

•on your taser, mace, or ass-beatin stick

•on gift boxes, presents, and invitations

•anointing your picture frames

•on your luggage, comb handles and brushes

•on books, literature, study guides

•in hotel/in motel rooms as compelled

•blessing gardening utensils/potting soil, pots

•when in or around water

•wherever you are ashy at😩

•in jars or other container workings

•on medals and metals (relevant to purpose)

•anointing debit and credit cards

•rub in/under seats, chairs

•in or on your mailbox

•on gates, bars fences or other barriers

•anointing signs and advertisements

•rub on the handles or brooms and mops

•in your lotions or body butters (few drops)

•dab on objects you wish to sell

•on belts and accessories

•anointing your journal, vision board, planner, calendar, dry erase board or chalkboard

•on master resumes/CVs and applications

•on vendor tables during networking/trade shows

•on your piggyback, safe, or coin jar

•on backpack straps

•dabbed on your seatbelt

•on display stands, table legs

•on your shower head

•in wet concrete mix

•on your fishing pole, boat, canoe, etc

•on your bath mat/welcome mat

•dab on your light switches

•dab on bottom of LED candles (if candles are not allowed)

•on basins, shelves, cabinets, and nightstands as necessary

•dab on carseat, baby bag or underneath crib

•ceiling fan blades

•dab on your workout gear

•on podiums and conference tables

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