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Prayer for Fast Luck, Good Fortune

"I pray for the wind of good fortune to whirl itself into every fabric of my existence, twisting and coiling away from flickers of misfortune. Luck, I summon you to me. I supplicate before you and ask you to extend a gracious hand over all my efforts and my endeavors. Do not allow lack to linger over any aspect my life and fill those holes with serendipity. My pantry is layered with soul-filling food. My wallet is a shimmering pool of prosperity. My health improves every day I can open my eyes. My lovers beckon for me, hungry with desires to satiate me. Luck, you were the ignition that birthed Creation. The little spark, at the proper moment, yielding Everything. Luck, you are the first breath that fills the newborn's lungs. The Divine Exhale that awoke the first of Humanity. Luck, you are the essence permeating all space, unwavering, both lovely and capricious, forever the Equalizer in all affairs to both the living and the Spirit. You make beggars out of kings and kings out of beggars. You are the Master of Reversal - please turn away bad luck. Luck, I ask you to bless me, and speedily, at every angle at all times. Extend this blessing to my loved ones so they, too, may not go without. Luck, be kind to all of us today. I praise you at the infinite thrones upon which you sit."

Suggested Condition Oils: Fast Luck, Crown of Success, Positive Vibes, Courtcase (as needed)

Suggested Service: Condition Lamp for: Good Fortune

RECITE: Once in the morning, for 9 days.

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