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How to Use Spiritual Oils

Here's an overview of how to put your condition oils to work based on what type they are.


-apply in an outward motion when your intention is to remove something; apply inwardly if you want to draw in a condition

-anoint physical objects like documents, checks, purse, etc

-Orange, yellow, and gold candles


-anoint your crown or 3rd eye before divining or performing healing work

-anoint tools like stones, pendulum, Tarot deck, scrying objects

-Purple, white, and blue candles


-the body: top of head to soles of feet before entering a situation of conflict

-the home: all corners of the property, windows, frames, thresholds

-soles of the feet to protect against evil spirits

-anoint chest to protect the heart: top of the head to protect the mind

-Nightmares: add a few drops to a bowl of sea salt and place under your bed

-Offer to your spirits and Deities of protection

-Black, red or white candles


-Wear daily as a ritual perfume

-Anoint heart chakra for universal love or self-love

-Offer to your spirits and Deities of love and romance

-Red, pink, purple candles


-Anoint pyrite stones, cash, coins, ledgers, registers, retail items, etc

-Anoint behind ears, hands, wrists, backs of knees and feet as areas of focus

-Green, purple, gold, and silver candles

If carving information into your candles, it helps to use a needle, pin, or exacto knife. A rusted nail is suitable for when dealing with enemies.

Good luck yall! 👍🏾

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