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How to Interpret an Egg Cleansing

A simple egg for a limpia

This is an overview of interpretations on reading an egg after a cleansing.

An egg cleansing is generally performed by rub an egg from head to foot and out from your extremities, often while praying, chanting or reciting (optionally) Psalm 91.

There are various methods to performing an egg cleansing. Sometimes the color of the egg matters as well. They can also be performed for animals.

Be sure to bless the egg with incense smoke before using (frankincense if possible).

The egg is then cracked into a glass of water and interpreted. Let it sit 15-30 minutes before interpreting.

In general, here are some basic readings of the egg:

🥚If all bodes well, the egg sinks to the bottom of the glass and the water is clear without abnormalities.

🥚If you see a webbing or meshed pattern, this indicates something is holding you back or entrapment your spiritual progress.

🥚If the egg breaks during your ritual, this indicates there was too much negativity for one egg to absorb all. Set aside and start over.

🥚If the yolk resembles an eye, this usually indicates an Evil Eye affliction. It can also mean someone is watching you or a Love Eye.

🥚If the water smells foul and has blood, this indicates powerful, evil workings directed against you

🥚If the yolk resembles a face, this indicates an enemy present. A full, round face indicates the enemy is female while a thin face indicates male.

🥚If you see pointy shapes (like nails) pointing up, this indicates jealous energy if others was removed

🥚If the wateris murky with no smell or blood, this indicates soul loss.

🥚Black spots or black streaks indicate that curse, hex or jinx was removed

🥚If bubbles are present in the water, this indicates negative energy was absorbed by your guardian/protector spirits.

🥚If there are double yolks (rare!), this indicates good fortune is coming and your lucky streak begins. This could bring news of wealth, fertility/babies or twins, or a new beginning.

🥚If you see pointy shapes (like nails) pointing up, this indicates either black magic or your own negativity, which was removed but might reappear if the issue isn't resolved

🥚If there is a sulfur smell, this indicates a demon was bothering the subject and was removed.

🥚If the water is murky with blood spots, this indicates workings against you to cause misfortune and harm.

🥚If the egg floats but the rest sinks, you may need to do additional cleansing work, an Uncrossing or purification ritual. There indicates a small issue is still developing.

When done with your interpretation of the egg, dispose of the egg in the toilet with a handful of sea salt, and then flush, forever banishing the negativity.

Good luck!

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