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Aries Oil Notes

Here are some notes for you to add to your files for Aries oil:


-use in rituals of fiery and ferocious protection, defense and deflection. It can be heavily utilized as a tool for spiritual warfare, especially in protecting those who cannot defend themselves. Aries oil protects from all sorts of nastiness, negativity and jealousy stemming from others and the environment. Grants victory over enemies (steamroll over them hoes) and gives us bravery in the face of danger and uncertainty. Gift to those who work in security services.

-Use to invoke glory in goals, for increasing personal ambition and drive, for inspiring travel, to create leadership opportunities.

-Use to add heat and speed to any given ritual, affirmation, or intention. Aries helps initiate action within us to manifest our wishes (if you need an example of that, look at the entire Zodiac line itself).

-For ENDLESS energy (🤣🤣🤣). These signs do NOT have an off button. Aries oil's formula invigorates your body so its gonna wake your ass all the way up. It's recommended for increasing stamina, vitality, strength and power because it gives you the energy to get any type of task done. I love it for THIS reason the most.

-For invoking states of lust and hot, heavy passion. I suggest using for attracting short term lovers or flings.


-Aries oil loves the colors red, orange, gold, yellow and black ( black for banishing, protection, or domination activities).This is good to note for candle work. But if you wear these colors, consider wearing a little oil with them that day.

-Add Aries oil drops on candles to set lights for your ancestors who were born under this sign (bonus points if you set a light for an ancestor who's birthday you know!) Honor them with lights and pray they protect you from misfortune, bring opportunities for (whatever), and anything else "Aries-like" you wanna tell them about. You can also burn to welcome and celebrate Aries season and the specific blessings it brings.

-Bless your house and vehicle for protection. Rub on heels of your feet if you will be on them all day and also to protect yourself from tricks. Use to bless ANY protective items you possess (yo gun, yo bat, yo broom, yo blade, yo get the idea😉)

-Add to Uncrossing baths or related cleansing workings for the element of a fiery clearing.

-Put a little on your throat when you need to let em know how you really feel😬 Rub around the heart if you need some courage.

Aries oil will be here until April 19th!

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1 Kommentar

Gangsta Gurry
Gangsta Gurry
21. Apr. 2021

Thank you so much for this! Will this still be available even after the season is over? I was late by a few days and wanted to cop it if you still have it!!! I still have my batch from last year but you know I always love an upgrade!

Gefällt mir
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