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Aries season has returned and the wheel keeps spinning! What a time to be alive! Aries season is just in time for the type of spiritual work we might all be doing over the course of Spring. When it comes to erecting spiritual defenses from danger and attack, Aries oil offers fiery protection and incinerates negativity against you and your space. Everyone knows how an Aries loves a good battle, so you can use this oil for defending yourself or others from spiritual warfare and deflecting your enemies' assaults such as spite, interference, invasiveness, aggression, and general nastiness. Aries oil also blesses us with bravery and courage in the face of any obstacle. You may want to gift this oil for friends/family who serve in the military or work in security-based services. You can add a few drops to your sour jars and hex work to add speed and heat to their effects. If doing any form of reversal work, use Aries oil while praying for crushing victory over one's enemies and haters, and it will disrupt their attacks with its turbulent energy. The fiery Aries oil is emotionally cleansing and fills you up with periods of strong ambition, drive and confidence. Because this oil initiated my Zodiac line, you can use Aries oil as an all-purpose manifesting oil since Aries energy takes our intentions, goals, and wishes and propels them into existence, a lingering effect of Pisces. Aries oil challenges you to set all kinds of personal and professional goals and opens up the opportunities for you to fulfill them. One of the best properties of Aries oil is it provides seemingly endless amounts of physical energy when worn on the body. It helps invigorate your body so you can have all the stamina you need to complete any task. It's best to wear first thing in the morning to give you an energetic boost and perhaps once more around midday if you do high-energy labor.If you participate in athletics of any kind, Aries oils endows you with a spirit of competitiveness, authority, and strength. Aries oil can be used in workings for promotions, leadership roles, and travel opportunities.Finally, as many may well know, Aries are adventurous in bed and masters of lust. You can use Aries oil to invoke states of swift and passionate lust and arousal or in rituals for attracting short-term sexual partners. For those of you who are Aries sun signs, you will feel the usual uptick of personal power while using this oil and it is compounded by the energy of the season. So get out there and kick ass.And if you have to kick literal ass...put some Aries oil on first. :) Aries Oil avaliable until April 19th.




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