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April 2024 Affirmation for Miraculous Change

Please recite your Apri 2024 affirmation (for miraculous change):

"Today, my breakthrough is on the horizon. I am walking into a new season that checks off all the boxes of my goals and dreams. I trust the process in knowing that big doors are opening for me. What kind, wonderful, and bright souls have gathered here with me. I love living, and I love all living things around me. I love all of you who are bright and positive. Love is my first currency. May I be given healthy and prosperity in what I do and say. May everything be fine for everyone."

Recite: In the mornings upon rising

Suggested Services: Ring of Fire

Growth Question: Are you holding any grudges against someone? Why have you not let the resentment go yet?

Self-Care Advice: Reduce sugary drinks this season and drink more water and herbal teas. Research local vegetables and fruits.

Career: Attend a certain number of networking events for the next 60 days.

Happiness Challenge: Go out to a new restaurant by yourself. Take photos of places that are inspiring to you.

Purge these items: dull nail files, hair clips, ticket or concert stubs, rubber bands, takeout menus, unsharp knives, old pillows, gifts you don't like or use, odd socks, coats and jackets, clothes hangers, magazines, notebooks, product manuals, power cords, old candles

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