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Prayer to Recall Your Energy

"I recall my time, energy, love and power back to me from where others have misused and disregarded me.

I recall my time wasted in situations of abuse and neglect by others. I ask those minutes lost be accounted for in my future blessings of joy and personal satisfaction.

I recall my words of compassion and upliftment from those who fed from them but never reciprocated.

I recall my utterances from when I could not express myself completely. I recall my tears of pain and ask that there be tears of happiness instead.

I recall my wellbeing and equilibrium from conditions that have robbed me of them. I give honor to Mother Earth for stabilizing me through all life storms. May the Earth protect and secure me still.

I starve the curses and ill-wishes of my enemies. May any of their negativity directed at me shatter like glass and be returned to their camps. May the seeds of their words reap vomit.

I give praise to my Ancestors, who do not lose my battles."

Suggested Service(s): Candle Work for 9 days (request a Return to Sender)

Recite: Saturday nights or Sunday mornings. You can include white, black, or red candles into your recitation.

Additional Info: Make a spiritual bath of hyssop, agrimony, and basil and recite this prayer over the water and wipe your body downwards. Make enough bath for 9 days and all roads will be cleared for you and spiritual or sorcerous attacks will be dissolved.

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