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The Many Faces of Gemini Oil

If Taurus season has been kind to you, sex was abundant, everybody spent too much money on food, and slept hungover for a day. Here comes the floaty and giggly ass Geminis to bring a little extra in your life 😂

Gemini oil capitalizes on augmenting the positives inherent in the sign's powers: sociability, inquisitivity and exploration, and their flirty ass attitudes.

Gemini oil can be used in a range of issues governing the mind. The oil helps expel anxiousness, helps to clear your thoughts, awaken and stimulate the mind, induce visions (especially where you need to problem solve), guard against vampiric attacks, meditating, and eliminating creative blocks in any artistic expression. Gemini oil empowers the individual with positivity and charisma.

Geminis are social and no matter how you feel about them, they will captivate you in some way. Gemini oil can be used by anyone wanting to extend or reconnect with their social circles by drawing on Gemini's magnetic attributes. Combine Geminis ability to be social and magnetizing additionally gives this oil a boost to people who work in sales or client facing positions where talking = money. This oil has strong properties for drawing prosperity and luck.

If you're looking for a change in career where you're more social in your environment, want to get paid for speaking or workshops, or want a job that's simply non-routine, petition for it using Gemini oil.

Geminis are often reputed to be flighty in romance and honestly, who cares. Some folks are here for the scenery, not the destination. Use Gemini oil when you're petitioning or seeking flings, short term relations, one night stands or simply variety in your sex life.

If you had plans to ride somebody son like a choo-choo train this summer:


Geminis love sex, and as an oil, it encourages you to love sex too. Indulge in it. Do all the nasty shit they'd burn you at the stake for. Put your back into and then repent. That sort of thing 😂

Twinsies for the winsies!

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