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Y'all, Get Your Gold Now! Prosperity Awaits!

Taurus season approaches and it's money making time! Gold & Silver and Golden Wall of Protection (dat GWOP!) are here to bring your finances into the upper echelons of wealth. If you missed it, please review the notes about both!

Use Gold & Silver Oil to create financial independence and prosperity, growth your wealth, multiple your income streams and empower the flow of money into your life. May you see financial increase at every angle and opportunity. If you dream it, you can apply it. Let nothing deter you from your goals.

Gold & Silver oil opens the heart chakra to receive abundance and is uplifting to the mind; it can relieve stress and relax the body. Place on the heart to release this patterning and embrace relationships to Self and others.

Golden Wall of Protection is an enhanced, complex version of a fiery wall with the energy to transmute every negative against you into a blessing instead. Even those who wish harm on you will find their words are only powering your flow of good fortune.

Use Golden Wall of Protection (GWOP) in situations related to courtcase, general protection, restoring aura, breaking witchcraft, and protecting from danger and illness. Green candles with Golden Wall oil will turn your blockages into opportunities.

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