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How to Apply Condition Oils 

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

🗣A WORD ON APPLYING CONDITION OIL First, lets acknoweledge these are a relatively recent phenomena in spiritual work commercially, and there are really no hard and fast rules since there is such a diversity in oils out there. I would say it's pretty typical, depending on the oil, for many people to wear them on various pulse points for various reasons. For example, money oil behind the ears or a sex oil between the thighs or on the neck. Knowing or doing this will not really increase or decrease your chance of success. You're simply deploying your desires into the world, which is why I emphasize speaking aloud to imprint the world around you. Working with your ancestors is KEY because they will let you know what to do most of the time. Mine stay talking. By default, I get every type of oil spilled on me daily filling orders and shit will just start popping off even when I wasn't actually trying to do anything. A lot of the ways you'll use them should just be simple and common sense. You may ritualize these things over time. Some people strictly like to wear them; others use them in candles and lamps; others feed their gris gris; other bless their house; others bless an object that is relevant to the oil (say, their phone with Crown oil before calling a high end client). Others use as needed. There are as many ways to apply a condition oil as there are spiritualists using them. I leave suggestions for everything I create but I don't do instructions for a reason. I can't make you think creatively or teach you to problem solve - as I'm not literally in front of you, working in your environment. My job is not to hold your hand (often) but to kick you out of the nest. Remember, a condition oil (and any other related type products) are merely tools. You're just channeling that shit and speaking and writing your life into existence. The reason we call this "work" and not spells is because it's exactly that. 😣 A money "working" may speed you the phone bill money but you need to be working on next week too😂. One other note: when using such a product, please follow suit physically. If you're using love oil, are you also going out, speaking to people, hitting up dating apps? If you're using a road opener, what road did you petition open and how are you going to follow through making it come true? If it's for protection, are you also driving safely, not starting fights? If it's for healing, what are you healing and are you also taking your vitamins, drinking water, eating cleaner meals, going to therapy, setting good emotional boundaries? I can't teach you these things. You have to learn them on your own. It's also perfectly okay if you make mistakes because I continue to make PLENTY and then learn how to sharpen my techniques right away. Treat it like a science experiment and you'll be amazed at what YOU can do. Does this help? I hope so. If not, I'm gonna start smoking crack. 😂 - said with love and all that

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