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How to Use Jupiter Oil for Luck and Opportunity

Jupiter oil governs the principles of prosperity, expansion, growth, and good fortune. It helps you discover your inner sense of justice, morality, and higher goals. Jupiter oil also brings luck in gambling, the energy of merrymaking, and opens opportunities in our lives for freedom and exploration. Jupiter oil is a profoundly optimistic and supportive condition oil for assisting your journey into stability and affirmations.

Below are some rituals to put Jupiter oil to use and unlock luck.

-After a nightly bath, rub Jupiter oil on your body for 7 days, then once a week, then once a month for maintenance. This will bust blockages, inertia, a chain of misfortune, and periods of bad luck.

-When feeling stuck, block, or trapped: take a single intensive bath. Add 10-20 drops of Jupiter oil to the bath for bedtime. Pay attention to your dreams for clues on resolving your blockage.

-When nothing seems to go right (especially in love or money): hold a white candle and envision your current fears and frustrations. Dress with oil and burn under the moonlight (if possible), and visualize your problems disappearing into thin air. Take a cleansing bath. Wear clean white clothes and start afresh.

-Bless your brooms with Jupiter oil to communicate with air spirits. Look for ideas and inspiration when sweeping.

-For beauty: Tie a red thread around a ginseng root that has been anointed with Jupiter oil. Carry it with you for a boost of beauty, grace, and power.

-For protection: Dress a whole angelica root with Jupiter oil. Carry it in a charm bag to protect against violent men.

-For a happy life: Take a yellow, gold, or orange candle and dress it with Jupiter oil and roll it in cinnamon. Burn for good fortune and to protect your success from backstabbing and jealousy.

-For enhanced good fortune: Get a high john root, a low john root, and a little john root. Dress them with Jupiter oil and Red River Van Van oil. Carry them in a red drawstring and anoint weekly.

-Returning an errant lover: Saturate a cottonball with Jupiter oil and wear it whenever you expect running into an ex, to encourage them to return after a substantial disagreement.

-Anoint each corner of the bed and the center with Jupiter oil to enhance seductive energy and erotic enjoyment.

-For tranquility: Dress blue and white candles with Jupiter oil and burn daily as needed. This ends family quarrels and brings reconciliation.

-Better Business: Anoint invoices, brochures, business cards and other stationery with Jupiter oil to stimulate new and increased business.

For luck in gambling: -Anoint dice, cards, chips, and other gambling paraphernalia with Jupiter oil. Anoint the corners of lottery tickets, race cards and similar. You can also rub Jupiter oil between palms before palying slot machines or table games.

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