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Leo Oil Notes


-Can be used to deter harm and danger from you or your home or otherwise neutralize threats, which makes it complimentary to banishing work and rituals aimed at protecting the family or children.

-You can also apply Leo oil towards dissolving obstacles to your goals and for guarding against illness. If you feel a daunting challenge coming up, Leo oil produces the courage to face the task and enhances your odds of success and luck through the endeavor.

-Leo oil helps us develop our powers of persuasion, charm, and communication. When you need to lay down rules and boundaries, Leo oil increases your confidence in speaking your truth with the spiritual protection to clear any negativity people may hurl at you in response.

-Highly magnetizing and invigorating, allows us to push through our individual little bubbles if anxiety. If you are fatigued or want a boost of sheer power, Leo oil gives you boundless energy to work, play, and find ways to have a good time.

-Increases our desire and opportunities for pampering, luxury, and creative pursuits. Leo oil unlocks our creative potential when we are feeling stagnant or disengaged with our work.


-Colors this oil loves: orange, yellow, red, gold, white (purifying), black (protection work).

-Set a white light for your Leo ancestors and say hey.

-Leo oil is magnetizing. It can help generate interest in a person or product. You can wear this oil first thing in the morning, facing the sun, and praying.

-Leo gives you an aura of elegance. Work this in your favor when participating in your bougie ass activities😂

Link in comments! Leo oil will be here until August 22nd

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