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Libra Oil Notes

Updated: Nov 25, 2021


▪️Increases the presence of love and romance in your life and interactions and can be used to bring a new lover or draw new friends

▪️Causes others to be more considerate to you and can be used daily to promote affection

▪️Increeases love when used during moments of tension, such as after an argument or disagreement. You can put some on your hands before touching someone to make them more docile to you.

▪️Lights up your aura with attraction that compels others to find you more appealing or stimulating

▪️Opens the roads to ease and diplomacy, to make others more receptive to your suggestions; leaves favorable impressions

▪️In love and sex work, Libra oil incites lustful energy between lovers or invokes a sensuous environment


-Colors this oil likes: red, pink, blue, black, purple, white

-Libra oil helps you develop a changing, often modern sense of style by stirring ones creativity

-Libra oil draws beauty, art, innovation, and entertainment into one's life in ways that suit them to maintain a high standard of quality

-Makes a wonderful follow up to a cleansing bath or llve drawing bath

-Governs the area of self love. Libra bolsters self-esteem.

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