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Scorpio Oil Notes

Updated: Nov 25, 2021


•Scorpio oil assists us when used in any works for power, domination and influence with its spiritually intense properties. It allows others to be more receptivr to our ideas and commands.

•Provides fierce protection of our emotions from the behaviors of others. In particular, Scorpio oil likes to "drown out" people's pessimism, petty jealousy and antagonistic actions. Scorpio oil is highly defensive and reflective, so you can give your enemies their confusion and emotional discord back in time for the holidays😂

•Heightens our discernment, leadership potential, and arouses our ambitious spirit so that we are compelled to set attainable goals towards enriching ourselves and creating a lustnfor life. It increases overall career success and opens the way for advancement opportunities.

•Scorpio oil aids in deepening our various passions and physically satisfying experiences, especially if applied prior to engaging in a hobby. In love work, Scorpio inflames lust and increases our seductive vibrations. It grants us a healthy sexualoty and stronger sex appeal.


•Colors this oil likes: black, dark blues, dark purples, dark reds.

•Use to set a light for an ancestor born under Scorpio or to heighten your personal power if you are this sun sign.

•Consistent use of Scorpio oil fine-tunes your intuition over time. You may receive profound or transformational insights from your spirit team

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