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Ancestor Prayer II

🗣ANCESTOR PRAYER II (long one) "Ancestors, I call to you, ask that you hear my voice. Ancestors, the Uncountable Ones, whos names I both know and do not, who are seen and hidden, whose memories are woven through the fabric of existence. Whose bones lie beneath this land over which you toiled. Ancestors, you god-birthing mothers, flower picking sisters, aunties whose soothing embrace to the bosom brings maternal protection, ladies and temptresses who bent mens' backs and brought them to their knees. Hear me, shower me with love. Ancestors, you fathers who guard all doors, babas who slay the demons and the monsters, nephews and brothers who laugh and bring wild and liberated mannish joy. Hear me, shower me with love. Ancestors, sleeping in the waters and the earth, awaken and hear me. Ancestors, who oversee us from the heavens, lingering in the celestial spheres, patroling the worlds preventing collapse. Descend, shower me with love. Ancestors, who are my last lives, who carry my memories of my times before like flickers, bring them to me and remind me how to honor myself. Ancestors, you who are my night blooming flowers and my morning glories, blossom to the sound of my voice. Imbue me with power. Make my protections unparalleled. Share your stories and your names. Tell me your jokes. Fill my life with laughter and your unlimited love. From this, let us weave miracles together. May our family, in its entirety, elevate to splendor. I love you - here and across realms where even Time has no dominion. May this love never die. I love you. I am grateful for you. And for everything you have done since the beginning of our lineage - thank you."

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