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Conjure Money Litany

Sunflower Festival in Gilliam, LA

MONEY LITANY: I wrote to share with you all:

***I welcome Money into my life through all my open roads, through all the nook and crannies of my Being.

I'm an attraction for Money. I seduce Money into my life. I ask that Money always favors me. I revoke all things blocking my access to Money. Nothing can obstruct the path of Money flowing to me.

May Money pour into my life like waves of the ocean, bringing Her friends Abundance, Good Deeds, and Prosperity. May They bless me so - that everything I touch turns to richness.

Money loves me. Making Money is easy because Money takes care of me and showers me with good fortune.

May Money give me more gold than all the petals in a field of sunflowers - so I can MORE than meet all of my needs.

If I desire it, I will acquire it.***

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