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Grief Oil in our Healing Processes

Let's discuss the finicky nature of grief and why this Grieve and Release oil matters for Mental Health Month.

This oil was formulated originally for someone who I adore and respect very much who was experiencing a trying time dealing with loss. The heavy part is that making this oil meant acknowledging that I also had to make it for a number of people experiencing similar circumstances.

Dealing with loss is agonizing. Full stop. Aside from therapy and counseling, it is otherwise up to us individually to figure out (healthy) ways to cope with our grief. To me, there are two particular types of grief: that dealing with personal loss and that which deals with the individual pain in collective mourning, such as the death of a celebrity that you loved or a community figure. This oil, while primarily for the first type, can be used for both.

A dear friend told me he used Grieve and Release the other day and spent a good portion of time in tears. I smiled because that's the part of our healing process we actively avoid but is often essential to move forward in this journey. How we experience that pain is as unique to us as our own deaths.

Grief is a death in and of itself. We have to mourn loved ones but release them so their spirits can go on and do the work they're meant to do, and often we hang tightly to them because we fear they may never return. Even though we know this to not be the case. We are never left alone, not even by those we have lost physically, but it is okay to acknowledge that anxiety exists.

We grieve the loss of our romantic partnerships and marriages. The more you have invested in the relationship, the more excruciating the ending may feel. This oil helps you slowly dissolve those connections so you can pull yourself out of bed and power through another day.

We grieve the loss of our jobs where our social identities may have been tied to, in addition to the concern of not being able to provide for our families. But job loss CAN hurt, often mixed up in feelings of resentment, anger, and confusion. This oil takes the energy of those feelings as they surface and channels them into the world to bring you new blessings and healing. This will bring help bring relief to those dealing with the distress of dealing with financial loss as well.

We grieve the end of the friendships, familial and platonic relationships with those we may have loved dearly but are toxic to our spirits. This oil erects wards of emotional protection around you so that you can accept your boundaries more faithfully and find strength in knowing sometimes connections end because you evolve at a different rate than another and your journeys take you on different paths.

Grieve and Release is unapologetic in that if it doesn't make you cry, it'll make you want to. Time tells us that no matter what circumstances we are in, we eventually swing back to the middle and that we'll be okay. This is a gentle cleansing process and honestly, all of us have a reason to sob these days.

So be nice to yourself.

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