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How to Break Hexes and Witchcraft with Mars Oil


🔥To break a hex: obtain your own footprint and anoint it with Mars oil. Carry it until a windy moment happens and throw the footprint down into the winds for the hex to be dispersed into nothingness.

🔥Grind wormwood leaves and roots into powder. Add a pinch of this to a red candle with Mars oil. Write the name of your enemy. Light the candle and recite your need for justice. This will break their hold over you and bring bitterness back to their door.

🔥Hex breaking bath: Draw a steamy bath. Massage Mars oil into your skin. Add a cup of Epsom salt and a handful of sea salt to the bath. Enter the bath. Submerge purposefully 9 times, visualizing the forms of the curses shattering through the blades of holy fire. Air dry. Repeat for 4 nights. Coincide this with the Full Moon.

🔥Make spiritual bath of gentian, agrimony, hydrangea flowers and angelica. After air drying, moisturize from head to toe specifically with Aries oil, making gentle downward motions. This will break spells cast by any angry ex-lovers.

🔥To break a hex: Carve a black candle, as appropriate to your situation. Dress it with Mars oil and powder it with a pinch or two of agrimony, frankincense or angelica. Burn, visualizing the hex fleeing from you.

🔥For protection: soak a cottonball and tuck it near your heart or wear Mars oil around your neck. If the scent of it suddenly intensifies, danger me be present.

🔥Anoint all of your weapons from guns to blades and bells with Mars oil. Anoint any objects that give you a bad vibe to banish whatever clings to it.

🔥Add a strong concentration of Mars oil to your floorwash rinse water. Scrub the house front top to bottom and/or back to front to be rid of a malevolent curse.

🔥Anoint a black cross altar candle from top to bottom with Mars oil (carve info into wax beforehand). Visualize the hex flying from your spirit and back to its sender.

🔥Reversing incense: Anoint pine bark with Mars oil, but not too much. Combine the bark with benzoin resin and burn. Waft the fragrance where needed, being sure to funigate yourself thoroughly with the fragrance. This will return malevolent spells.

🔥Use Mars oils on a white cross candle and light it, reciting whatever prayers or sacred verses you desire. This will uncross you. To empower this ritual, you can add a purple candle for yourself with Mars oil to increase your personal power.

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