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How to Use Queen of Victory for Reversals

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Need some ideas for applying your reversal or protection oil, Queen of Victory? See list of methods should beef up your reversal skills. Add mirrors to your ritual where possible!

Reversals are most effective when done on a Full Moon, Waning Phase, on Tuesday afternoons and doing any cleansing rituals.

🔹️apply to objects that were touched by people you dislike or passed through multiples hands

🔹️add to satchets, gris gris or cotton balls under pillows

🔹️place a few drops in your bathwater to clear away the day's residues

🔹️under carmats to remove negative vibes brought inside

🔹️on the welcome mat to drive back evil spirits

🔹️threshold of your front door to prevent negative people from entering

🔹️(for hostile work environments) on the corners/legs of your desk or work station, employee locker, company assets

🔹️anoint front door to erect a shield on the home. Anoint backdoor if you have neighbors behind you.

🔹️dress candles, lamps or use in spells pertaining to banishing, cleansing or exorcism

🔹️on plant pots to turn away a bad thumb

🔹️on the handles of your blades, bells and spiritual weapons

🔹️in a floorwash (touch the hallway real good!)

🔹️add just a couple drops into a cleansing spray and be sure to hit every corner you pass from top to bottom

🔹️anoint your fridge and pantry to turn away poverty and hunger

🔹️anoint windowsills with an X on Tuesdays to banishes curses and overpower your enemies

🔹️offertory candle for ancestral healing (pray for the reversal of whatever family issues plague you)

🔹️anoint mirrors to improve self-image and confidence

🔹️on the soles of your shoes when in the presence of gossipers

🔹️on your throat when debating, public speaking or at a podium

🔹️add a drop on the inside of your hat/cap to reverse psychic attacks and bad thoughts

🔹️dab on shades/glasses to reflect evil eye/glares when in the presence of someone you dislike

🔹️on wind chimes to clear out spells and hostile spirits

🔹️on the straps of backpacks and purses for kids

🔹️dab on wrist watches and other jewelry as desired. I highly recommend leather material.

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