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How to Use Fast Luck Oil for Good Fortune

One of my CLASSIC faves that I can't live without! Y'all have given me every reason to push it to its full potential😮‍💨😅

Fast Luck oil sends you the helping luck you need to keep things pushing forward when stuck in a dry spell. It helps you tap into the energy of a winning vibration and pushes more opportunities of good fortune your way.

When using Fast Luck, pray/vocalize to your spirits what you need the Luck for. It helps to speak freely about the area of your life in need of immediate change.

Red candles best associated with Fast Luck oil when wanting to bless yourself with all-purpose good fortune and create a field of luck around you. Burn for 7 days -- when looking to get out of a situational pinch (find a job/house, bill money, luck in sex/romance).

Wear on your hands or wrists when doing a productive activity (grocery shopping, paying for things, investigating or doing research, competing in something, etc)

Take it if you need a traveling companion when adventuring out of town longer than 3 days. It's got casino...asé in it, too, so use it to create wealth and money!

To have continued, long-term results, you will want to use Fast Luck oil at least twice a month, every month as needed so your fortune can endure. Red River Van Van will be needed for the acquisition of good fortune, but that's another post!

I lowered the price on this Fast Luck oil because I want all of you to have it.

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