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Lessons in Ancestral Love

My ancestors have me routinely do this exercise when I'm out in public where I glance for the beauty in a person's face, even if they are not attractive to me, regardless of who they are, and appreciate the beauty of them.

This exercise is a challenging one.

I can't predict the face I will look at. It'll arrive with a sudden "knowing" and there's a face to see. And this is challenging because some folks are like honey walking around in human form and other folks are like.... well, chile listen.

It is a lesson in speed, gratitude and self love because I used to really not like the sight of my own face many years ago. It's a lesson in confidence because often I will make have to make eye contact, smile and speak mannerably. It requires me to radiate ancestral love all through my eyes and words during the exchange.

It also makes me warmer to people, less mysterious and intimidating and teaches me to use my wit, sharpness and charm to brighten someone's day. It teaches me to negotiate my boundaries, watch my words, listen closely and diffuse tension. Ironically, in my numerology chart, I'm in my personal year 2 (the diplomat, team player), this exercise makes sense.

The folks tell me that in doing this exercise, I've learned that those old feelings meant I was not alone. There are many who walk around not loving their faces and while doing so, they do not realize there are people out there who will find them beautiful to love regardless. That the universe will split time for you to be appreciated, even if for a moment, by someone who can see, recognize and acknowledge your beauty.

So learn to love your face.

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