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Spiritual Effects of Star of Glory Oil

Here are some specific spiritual effects of Star of Glory oil the Spirits wanted me transfer. Consider these in your works.


-Strengthens your spirit and balance your chakras when you're feeling misaligned. Can be used to clear and bless affected chakras directly.

-Provides an uplifting and reviving effect. This will assist you in relieving nervous exhaustion.

-Star of Glory brings you into greater spiritual attunement, opens the Road of Synchronicities, and unlocks stubborn answers. This is definitely the oil to enhance prayer and meditation sessions. It connects us to our Being, and our full range of Power.

-When worn on the temples, Star of Glory provides you with new and positive perspectives.

-Gets you in touch with your intuitive powers and releases you from the grip of lower vibrations.

-Severs your ties to the "old ways" of thinking and existing. Star of Glory oil liberates your imagination, releases your inner mood and brings out your inner child.

-Star of Glory connects you with like-minded Souls who will help you discover your inner/true self that will lead you to knowledge and transition.

-Star of Glory brings peace of mind, a sense of greater "awareness", and expanded consciousness.

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