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The Power of Star of Glory

This is a seasonal summer condition oil, harvested from the sunflowers at the Sunflower Festival in Gilliam, Louisiana!

This oil is for , personal elevation, ascension and meditation. It allows you to tap into the energy of abundance and grow it in every aspect of your life. This is the oil of unfiltered joy.

Like the sunflower, always turned towards the light, this is an oil that reveals truth. Use it in rituals aimed at revelations, answers, and wisdom. It's a highly spiritual oil, so use it when trying to connect with your ancestors or receive answers to your own spiritual inquiries.

Also like the sunflower, Star of Glory oil is bright and beautiful. It will reflect this in you. You can call upon the power of this oil to bless and bring happiness and cheer into your home. And because sunflowers are plentiful, use this oil for petitioning abundance and beauty to and through you.

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