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Tips When Buying from Spiritual Workers

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A few thoughts I have about buying from spiritual work(ers):

-PLEASE do your research on them. I actively encourage new clients to spend time browsing my page and making sure what I have is something they can use/need, but also to see if they even like my goofy ass. Do that with any worker you want to patronize. Do you like them? Do you share similar politics/beliefs? Do they have reviews and testimonials? Are they kind/ruthless (sometimes you need a ruthless person, not a kind one). What are their specialties?

-Have you actually tried to solve the problem yourself via spiritual methods on your own? You should probably tell them that, so they can strategize with you or point you in better directions. Don't be lazy (especially don't be lazy with me).

-🗣DO NOT BUNNY HOP FROM WORKER TO WORKER Getting 6 different readings from 6 different people in the same month on the same situation is going to be a recipe for disaster. 🗣STOP. This is YOUR life, stop actively trying to fuck it up by letting anybody and everybody in your business. Choose a few workers you trust for certain skills and let that be. Otherwise, your worker will know and may refuse to get involved because a hopper is a serious red flag.

-While I'm on it, your worker should be invested in the best OUTCOME for YOU, and it may not be the one you want. Do you really need the 4th love spell on that nigga this year and his ass still cheating and not returning texts/calls like a reasonable partner? 🗣HE AINT SHIT, LEAVE HIM, THE ANCESSAS DONE SPOKE ON THE SHIT.

-Have manners and respect your workers time, thoughts and opinions. You are not their only client. You do not need to tell them every move you make during your day. We are **not** your therapists. We've got work to do - as do you. But we do care about you and that you live your best life.

-🗣FOLLOW THEIR PRESCRIPTION. Rootwork is WORK. No matter how simple the directions are, do them. This is a tradition of activity, of war, of movement. Laziness and failure to follow through on your end is not excused or well-tolerated.

-YOU are still the magic, the trigger. No matter how many readings, oils, divinations, sprays, and talismans you buy and no matter how powerful they may inherently be - you are the most the active part of the manifestation. Practice and experiment with all sorts of techniques using just your environment and whats available to you. Speak your world into existence. Be careful what you say - Something is always listening, so speak with intent. See? It's work.

-Stop pinning your hopes and dreams on someone to be your savior if you're going to be inactive in saving yourself. This ain't Christianity, you actually have to try😂

-Just because someone in a witchcraft group offers something for free doesn't mean you should accept it. Again, 🗣RESEARCH THEM.

Always believe in your own power FIRST to create change in your life and the rest will fall into place. The universe has a way of bringing you the people and the work that you need in order to move forward.

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