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Virgo Oil Notes

Updated: Nov 25, 2021


•Assists with bringing neatness and order into our lives. The energy of Virgo oil also helps us solidify and enhance our existing structures, partnerships, marriages, businesses, and so on.

•Silences the insidious voices of self-criticism and self-pity and exchanges them with confidence. Virgo oil empowers us to be more thorough with the details of our work and activities.

•Protects us from energy leeches and individuals demanding too much of our time. Instead, Virgo oil directs our awareness towards service-oriented activities and encourages us to clean up our act.

•Allows us to design and implement systems within our daily functions to reduce tasks and overcome technical obstacles. Virgo oil may enhance your interests in scientific, technical, or practical subjects for a duration. You may develop high standards for your work or delve deeply into honing a craft.


▪︎Colors this oil likes: soft earthy colors, deep forest greens, whites

▪︎Burn on a canfle as a light for your Virgo ancestors or to welcome the blessings of the season

▪︎Can be used in petitions for justice, legal luck, and acquiring (and hardcore saving) of money.

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