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Condition Oil Tips I

An order of condition oils


Y'all know you can use I'm a Snack/Glamour outside of workings regarding love and sex right? I often use it in business work, especially when I'm doing work for my husband's business, to influence clients to find his company as a more attractive option over competition. It mixes well with Crown of Success in these situations (like interviews too) as the glamour oil functions as a subtle commanding oil as well. I sometimes use Fuck Me oil in the same capacity, but much more rarely.

Bewitchment, much to my own surprise, works exceptionally well with Money Drawing oil.

Cling to Me has been damn near miraculous when it comes to drawing clients and work and overall sales. Because it is SO loaded with magnetic properties, you do NOT need to use more than drop or two at a time unless you want to be swamped and overwhelmed. I also anoint all my actual cash with it so that money always comes back to me.

Aries oil on my wrists every day to get shit done. And I'm a Taurus, so I NEVER wanna do shit but I wanna be rich we are.😭😂

I've put Protection oil on my wallet to guard against financial loss. Bless your window sills with it also.

Put Love Uncrossing in the laundry (great for washing bed sheets) when you're dissolving romantic connections, but ESPECIALLY when it's your (ex) lovers clothes that you'll be returning to them. It's used for broken friendships also. Because of my pact with the Red River, this oil has gone from "This is a gentle healing process for me" to more of the energy of "Fuck that bitch - BLOCK!"

I put a number of oils on my individual wind chimes outside to "ring in" or "send out" certain intentions, so I can work without ever thinking about it.

If you find yourself struggling in a certain aspect of life, you may need an Uncrossing (If the blockage is serious or a result of sorcery or build up), Banishing (send that shit out the door, but can also be used to help shift Forces, such as Debt).

Banishing can be used to ward off nightmares. Use a drop on each of the four corners of your pillow.

(Regular) feeding of your ancestors will DRAMATICALLY improve your results. Sometimes though, their answer is NO, NOT RIGHT NOW. So be patient.

I'll always encourage you to develop your own applications, workings and rituals with condition oils since there is no one size fits all and yall are smart and resourceful enough to do this without hand holding. Simplicity and common sense is key. No need to do the most for the least!

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