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Mercury Oil Notes

Mercury oil is the Master oil for Communication, Commerce/Better Business, Knowledge and Intelligence. Any rituals, spells and divinations concerning these matters will benefit from the touch of Mercury oil. It will force all sorts of revelations and expose lies, trickery and deceit.

Additionally, consider Mercury oil a great aid for protection during travel, especially water and in flight. Use for throat chakra work also!


*When anointing oneself/objects, petitions, and doing spells related to the matters below

-Draws mercurial influences: intelligence, communication, wisdom, travel

-Aids in acquiring personal, mystical, and academic knowledge.

-Sharpens interest in hobbies to promote personal development

-Aids in factual dissemination and gathering information

-Use in works for money, abundance, power, justice, and good fortune in business


*How the oil's powers may manifest in your life experiences-Sharpens business acumen or piques interest in legal matters or language

-Brings luck to job interviews, exams, contracts, and hearings of any kind

-Brings you to better road opener paths for professional success, career change, and networking opportunities

-To promote the energy of laughter, happiness, and adventure

✨️Misc. Spiritual Info for Mercury Oil

Number: 8

Zodiac: Gemini/Virgo

Element: Air/water

Day: Wednesday

Colors: Yellow, orange, violet

Stones: citrine, aventurine, agate

You will note the smell of peppermint! That's from the garden — to help your money grow stronger every year.

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