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February 2024 Affirmation to Receive Abundance

Please recite your February 2024 Affirmation: (Receive Abundance)

"I am safe and loved by the infinite beauty of the universe, today and always. I deserve the best. I deserve to regain everything I love with ease, gratitude, and endurance. Love never goes bad, and good things are always seeking me. I walk through the Universal Abundance Gate to receive my inheritance. May the abundance of love and positivity continue to flow in my life and the lives of those who support me on my wonderful journey."

Recite: In the morning, before bed, prior to eating dinner, or after bathing

Reflection: What do you need to forgive yourself for?

Let Go Of: Comparing Yourself to Other People

Happiness Challenge: Cook a beautiful plant-based meal for yourself.

PURGE THESE THINGS: old books, old candles, clothes hangers, old notes, the fridge, notifications, old emails, icloud, odd socks, old towels, expired makeup and hair products, junk mail, old pillows, old wallets, broken necklaces, mismatched jewelry, unused office supplies

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