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September 2023 Affirmation for Return to Sender

Please recite your September affirmation (Return to Sender!):

"I am safe, loved, and divinely protected at all times by my spiritual guides and Ancestors. I release all negativity out of me and fill myself with peace and light. I release everything from my experience that doesn't serve my Highest Good or my well-being. I release all energy that isn't mine back to its rightful owner. No weapons, words, thoughts, or writings formed against me shall prosper.

I am the embodiment of pure light and unconditional love, and I deserve everything I desire."

Suggested Services: Revocation

Recite: Fridays, Sundays, or any time past 9pm. If you use candles, work with the colors black or red

Other activities: Go walk barefoot in the grass, remove nonessential tasks from your to-do list, and catch up on some sleep. Do a social media purge of toxic people on your feed.

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