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December 2023 Affirmation for Change

Please recite your December affirmation: (Change!)

"I trust in the process of life and the Miracles that unfold along my journey. I release the need to know all the answers and instead embrace the beauty of uncertainty. With trust and faith, I manifest miracles beyond what I can imagine. I will defeat my battles, internally and externally for there are no rainbows without storms. All my fears and stress will be transformed into grace and ease. The river of abundance flows freely through my door, bringing me unlimited wealth, opportunities, and ideas."

Recite: At dawn, before bed or during a moment of distress

Other Actions: Watch the sunrise, refresh your morning routine, walk barefoot in nature, do something to laugh, read a book about personal growth, do a social media purge, write 5 things you love then do them, plan a getaway, do a digital detox

Suggested Service: Ring of Fire

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