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How to Use Love Oils

Love-drawing oils can have a diverse range of methods in which they can be used, based in your specific intention. If you're looking for some ideas to put your love oil to work, maybe some of the suggestions can start you in the right path.


💓Anoint the four corners and center of your beloved's photo with love oil to draw them closer and enhance their feelings. Reapply periodically.

💓Add a Magnet, Love or Attraction oil to your bath every Friday until you find the lovin' you seek.

💓Anoint the neck pulse points prior to doing love meditations, love chants/prayers.

💓Anoint the heart chakra with love oil to remove blockages and attune yourself to the love vibration

💓Burn regularly on red candles when trying to attract potential partners. Roll candle in powdered orrisroot.

💓Apply love oil on the dashboard, glove compartment, and headrest when going on road trips to enhance the connectivity among the travelers, and to have an easier time getting assistance from strangers.

💓Gather the footprint of the one you desire. Tie it in a red or pink cloth. Hang it over your front door in order to summon them to you. Reinforce the power with a love oil or a commanding oil like Follow Me Bae.

💓Add 5 drops of a love oil in the corners and center of the bed to promote the energy of seductive prowess and erotic pleasure.

💓Anoint your drums or other instruments so that the nusic you play will create a loving and positive environment or to bewitch an audience.

💓Pink candles with love oil are for love, romance and friendship. Red is for lust, sexual passion, stamina. Purple and black are typically for power and domination. Blue candles for devotion, fidelity or marital bliss. Gold candles will bring masculine love and silver feminine. Green can be for general love work.

💓Anoint heart and throat chakras when singing, listening to love songs or nature sound to raise your vibration.

💓Soak cotton balls in Bend Over oil or Do As I Say and place them in your lover's pockets before they go out alone.

💓(To prompt a proposal) Anoint a pair of Adam and Eve roots with a love oil and place within a red flannel or silk drawstring bag. Place it in your lover's pocket on the night of the Full Moon

💓(To prompt a proposal) Buy a new deck of cards and remove the Ace of 💎 card and place it in a plain white dish along with a cheap ring. Powder rosemary and lavender and sprinkle it over the card and ring. Anoint a pink candle with a love oil or Bend Over oil and burn, reciting your deepest desires.

💓Taper candles are great for love spells. Dress a purple one with a seduction oil and burn it when in the presence of your intended. This will either initiate a relationship or keep an existing lover spellbound.

Other oils with love or lust properties: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Venus, and Mars as well as out of season Love oils. These techniques can be applied to general love oils as well.

Good luck! You all deserve true love. I wish it to be so.

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