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Prayer for the Chronically Ill

"My body loves me.

My body protects me.

My body is my friend.

My body works hard to take care of me.

I pray that my body gets stronger. I pray that we find ways for it to heal itself gently. If there is any pain in this process, I ask that it be light, because every wound on my path to healing is stitched with golden love.

I pray that I'm lifted from depression, that my mind is clear and elevated. I pray that my mind does not war with itself. I pray that my mind does not war with my body. I pray that the temple in which my spirit dwells moves in divine order.

My body loves me.

My body shields me from death.

My body is enduring.

My mind is resilient.

My spirit is in Harmony."


Thank you to my friend Marisa for inspiring me to write this prayer.

Suggested Service for this Prayer: Ring of Fire

Days to Recite: Tuesdays and Thursdays, and before medical appointments

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1 Comment

Quan Palms
Quan Palms
Mar 27, 2022

Putting this on my mirrors ! ❤️

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