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July 2023 Affirmation for Claiming Abundance

Bowl of harvested coreopsis petals
Bowl of harvested coreopsis petals

Please recite your July Affirmation (Abundance):

"I claim the abundance is coming to me today, this week, and this month. Abundance is here each and every day pouring upon me. I always remember to pay it forward. Blessed are those who are humble, grateful, and never greedy with their fortune. I am open, willing, and receptive to my financial blessings. I manifest this lifestyle of luxury, happiness, peace of mind and everlasting love in all directions. May others who praise me be blessed as well. So shall it be!

Suggested Days to Recite: Thursday, Sunday, Monday. At least once in the morning or before dinner.

BONUS: Leave a plate offering for your ancestors of green and purple leafy vegetables, legumes, and your choice of meat! Add a glass of water and a white, green or gold candle to this ritual if possible. Anoint the bottom of the plate with one of the condition oils suggested above. Speak to your Ancestors about your financial hopes and dreams! Discard food outside in nature after 24 hours.

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