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June 2023 Affirmation for Protection Against Toxicity and Abuse

Recite your June 2023 Affirmation (Protection!):

"All toxic, negative, and abusive people, individuals and creatures in my life and space and journey and path are now removed, banished and blocked forcefully and completely for my Highest Good and protection. My life, my overall energies, and my space are divinely protected and sealed, now and forever."

Preferred days to recite: Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday or 3 times as needed with either a candle or a libation to follow.

Chant this prayer over your cleansing spiritual baths and into any Epsom or sea salts you're using in spiritual work. Visualize all of your chakras spinning clearly and steadily.

Candle Colors (if preferred to use): Red, white, blue, violet, or black.

Follow up with other protection and warding rituals as desired, including aniintingnyoursekf or spaces with condition oils. Envision having mastery over your enemies and a great conquering over your anxieties. Track your progress over a 121 day period.

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